A day of learning with tongue tie professionals

Plymouth MN Dentist Tongue Ties

This year has a been a year of great professional growth through education for me.   I had the opportunity today to shadow two IBCLC (board certified lactation consultants) while they worked with clients.  I have been on the receiving end in my personal life of help from professionals, but today I was viewing as a healthcare provider.  My goal is to learn more about nursing, to expand my knowledge beyond a few books read and personal experience.  Thanks to Liz and Gigi Lull with Enlightened Mama for the time.

The second meeting of a group of healthcare providers in the Twin Cities with direct “ties” to infants with tongue tie met at Minnetonka Pediatric Therapy.  We discussed wound healing, protocols for stretches and findings of a study from Woodwinds Hospital in Woodbury.  The prevalence of tongue and lip tie appears to be increasing, necessitating greater awareness from nurses, lactation professionals, chiropractors, dentists, speech therapists, physical therapists, doulas and midwives of the problems.

Learning everyday and loving it!


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