Dental Payment Plans in Plymouth, MN

Dental Plans Plymouth MN Dentist

For many, a dental benefit from their employer has become a thing of the past. Many people struggle with simply being able to afford medical insurance, let alone adding dental coverage to the mix.

Unfortunately this lack of dental coverage leaves many knowing they need dental treatment; either because they have been told in the past and have been putting treatment off or simply because they are in pain; but unsure how their finances may support any care. The dental team at Life Smiles, a family dental practice in Plymouth, MN, understands the importance of completing necessary treatment, not only to keep patients out of pain, but because oral care closely relates the overall healthiness of our body. Ongoing infections, active decay, and active periodontal (gum) disease is not only dangerous for our mouths, but can affect our systemic health as well, with the greatest impact being on our heart.

The first option is our in-office plan for those without insurance. The Smile Plan is a set annual fee and covers dental exams, films, cleanings, and fluoride treatments. This plan also offers a discount on most other services that may be recommended (fillings, crowns, etc…).

Our second option is Care Credit. This is a credit card that can only be used for healthcare related treatments and is dispensed depending on credit scores.  Our patients apply for Care Credit on their own and if approved, Care Credit allows them to pay for their dental treatment with the card – interest free for a specified amount of time.

A third option is an in-house payment plan, also called financing.   Patients can then make monthly payments on an agreed upon schedule. Finance options in-house are based on the dollar amount of treatment needed and based on your approved credit.  Please ask if you are interested.


Our dental team wants to keep you and your mouth happy and healthy. We are willing to work with patients both with and without dental coverage to keep dental care affordable and easy accessible.

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