Dental Visit for Infants in Plymouth

Dental Visits for Infants

As a new parent, there seem to be so many new things flying at us left and right. When should my child do this? When should they do that? When is it ok to…? What if they…? Our medical doctors give us a great breakdown of recommended doctor visits. Two weeks, two months, four months, etc… You leave the hospital knowing for the first year you are going to be BFFs with your doctor and their staff. There is, however, one part of our baby’s tiny little bodies that does not seem to be addressed much – their teeth. Our babies typically are not born with teeth, and don’t begin teething until they around 6 months or so. With life really getting busy around that time, teeth can sometimes be something we forget about.  But really, when should you first take your little one to the dentist?

The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a child’s first dental visit around their first birthday. First visits are mostly about getting kids used to the dentist’s chair and educating parents about how to care for baby’s teeth. It is normal for your child to be a reluctant, some let us get a really good look in there and others, not so much. What matters is that they are at the dentist, learning, listening, and taking it all in. This visit is meant to be easy and fun. We do what the child will let us and give praise for what we accomplish.

Even though your child will eventually lose their baby teeth, prevention is key. By preventing decay and initiating healthy brushing and flossing habits, dental appointments stay fast and easy. By getting them in early and keeping the dental office a fun and happy place, our goal at Life Smiles, a Plymouth, MN dentist, is to see our patients (both child and parent) leave with a smile and get excited about coming back.


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