Candy buy-back program, Halloween

Dentist in Plymouth, MN

A friend was really impressed that her dentist give $2 per pound of candy that kids turn in after Halloween.   What a relief for parents to get the sweets out of the house!   Next, dental offices ship the candy to troops overseas to enjoy.  How great for marketing, what’s not to love?

I looked into this idea my first year in business.  Asking a colleague, he had an interesting perspective that I didn’t expect.   He had served our country in the military many years before.   The troops had been shipped lots of candy from well intentioned civilians, so they enjoyed all they wanted.   When he returned, he had a mouth full of decay.   To make matters worse, he no longer had dental benefits with the military.  After that story, I believe there is an ethical dilemma of taking something that is not good for one group of people (the kids in Plymouth, MN) and simply passing it to another group.

So, 2016 is another year I will pass on buying back candy.  For even though I would love some publicity and good will (with the parents in the west metro of Minnesota), I respect our troops too much to hurt their health.


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