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Dental Career Plymouth MN Dentistry

Dental personnel are highly educated dedicated professionals.  Most people do not realize how extensive the requirements are for the practice of dental hygiene, Dental therapy or Health Care Management.

Dental Hygienist:  A person with a high school diploma may apply to a Community College, Dental School or University with an accredited program.  The program may require 2 – 4 years of study, followed by a State Board written and clinical Examination.  Upon passing the Board exams, licensure can be obtained.  All licensed dental professionals are required to complete Continuing Education.

Dental Therapist:  Dental Therapists perform all the duties of a Dental Hygienist.  In addition, they provide restorative care and extractions of baby teeth to underserved populations.  The education requirements are a 4- year Bachelor’s  Degree along with State Licensure.

Health Care Management:  Business Colleges and Universities offer 2-4 year degrees.  Managers provide a role in office finances and budgeting, insurance and billing.  They participate in staff hiring and supervision, marketing and patient satisfaction efforts.

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