Cosmetic Dentistry, a range of opportunities

Cosmetic Dentistry in Plymouth, MN

Dentistry today is much more beautiful than it once was. With materials that mimic natural tooth structure, you can have the smile you used to have, or the smile you’ve always wanted. Dr. Geisler, a Plymouth, MN dentist, will listen to your concerns and offer solutions to give you confidence when you show your smile to the world. A simple adjustment to the edges of your front teeth is simple and gives an instant lift. Many smiles are just not as white as they once were.   We have whitening solutions for everyone, and composite bonding for restorations that need replacement. Dr. Geisler is also experienced in the restoration of smiles with crowns and veneers. With her advanced continuing education in cosmetic dentistry, you can be assured you will be thrilled with the result. It’s time to let your smile show off your personality!

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