Why doesn’t my insurance pay for this?

Dental Insurance, Plymouth, MN

Dental Insurance really shouldn’t be called insurance at all!  It is more accurately described as “dental benefits”.  Most dental benefit plans have a deductible and a yearly maximum.  There are thousands of plans out there, and each one has different benefits depending on the contract between the employer and the insurance company.  If your dental insurance does not benefit your treatment fully, it will is likely due to:  deductible applied, over yearly maximum, not a covered benefit, not covered at 100%, frequency ( 6 month spacing), age limitation (you’re too old for fluoride according to insurance!), or having an Out-of-Network plan.  Our Patient Coordinators at Life Smiles family dentistry in Plymouth, MN, can help you estimate your insurance benefits; however, we encourage you to be “dental-wise”.   The customer Service Representatives at you insurance company are very helpful in walking you through your benefits.


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