Will my dental treatment be painful?

Dr. Geisler, a dental professional in Plymouth, MN, uses the latest technology for numbing prior to starting any dental procedure.  First, a topical numbing agent is placed on the area, then, Dr. Geisler uses a computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery system.  This system controls the rate of application, thereby making the experience more comfortable.

Surprisingly, dentists do not use “Novocaine” for numbing.  Nowadays, the most commonly used dental anesthetic is lidocaine.

Some dentists have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) available in addition to local anesthesia.  The gas is administered via a small mask which is placed over the nose.  Dr. Geisler does not offer nitrous oxide as an option.

Many patients mention that the sound of dental equipment is bothersome.  We have options!  Dr. Giesler offers headphones to our patients for listening to music or television during your visit.  We even have blankets and pillows!

Every effort will be made to keep you as comfortable as possible during your appointment.


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