Why I like my dental team so much

Dental Teams in Plymouth, MN

When people ask how I like owning my solo practice, I love to tell them!   The first thing you will hear me say is ” I get to choose who I work with!”   Imagine that, being able to choose the qualified, positive, people who I spend my days with.  These are the people who will care for my patients at the same level that I do.  Believe me, that isn’t the case for dentists who are an associate or work in a franchised, corporate dental office.

Actually, choosing my team members was the prime motivator for me changing my mind about practice ownership.  I never wanted to own a business, just wanted do my dentistry and leave at the end of the day.  So that is exactly what I did for five years.  It certainly has some advantages, such as great vacation time.  At that time, I had a great relationship with a dental assistant, we worked knee to knee for years.  But I was just an associate, and wasn’t even told that she was going to be let go.  The office manager told me after the fact.  I was disappointed with my employer and sad for her.  My journey towards Life Smiles started that day.

Here are some tidbits for you about my team.

Julie – she cares so much for our patients health!  Julie practiced hygiene for many years and saw first hand the benefits of great oral health.  She is an advocate for our patients.  Her creative side also comes out as she comes up with solutions that we never expected.  The cherry on top is that her one-liners are to die for!

Carin- she can handle the work and stay calm under pressure.  Carin really likes working here and smiles.  Don’t you wish everyone you worked with actually liked their job and employer?   I can feel her positive energy about life in just talking with her for a few minutes.   I choose to surround myself with people with a positive attitude, so she is a keeper!

Tracy – she is just amazing!   Tracy laughs at my bad jokes (and isn’t faking it)!  She knows what I want before I even know what I want.  She is naturally kind and cares incredibly for her patients.   She has a smile on her face every morning, smiling is her favorite.  Tracy gives our team motivation every morning in our huddles.

Stephanie – She is inspiring to me as a hard worker and a good follower.  She has a great rapport with patients in a quiet way.  Stephanie is a huge team player, willing to help all of us whenever asked.   We depend on Stephanie to care for our littlest patients, as that is a strength of hers.


Christy – Well,  I threaten her regularly that I don’t ever want her to leave Life Smiles.  We are so blessed to have this highly skilled and hilarious friend to work with!  One of these days, Christy will talk me into paying for an island getaway, continuing education trip.  But for now, she is Plymouth, MN’s favorite hygienist ever.

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