Volunteer Plymouth MN Dentist

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month?

I volunteer to visit preschools to educate 3-6 year old’s about keeping their mouths healthy.  Children think it is fun to have a visitor.  Always, they love to share stories with me, which are usually about teeth.  When we play “healthy or not healthy” with different foods, they are so excited to shout out their answers.  Picture children waving their hands as high as they can all the while trying to still sit criss cross applesauce.   We read a book or two and I try to do funny voices.  Afterwards, at one station, I look in their mouths from a distance and count their teeth.  Everyone gets a high-five after the counting.  The other stations are with their teachers or guides, who help them brush one of my large puppets teeth.   Hugs are not unheard of for me, and everyone says “thank you” at the end.    I knowthat kids will not become afraid of going to the dentist if they have fun first.  More importantly, my hope is to help the next generation stay cavity-free. Overall, I feel like an oral health superhero when I visit daycare centers and preschools.


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