Digital Radiography for Dentists in Plymouth, MN

Digital Radiography for Dentists in Plymouth, MN


Remember the days of the separate room for x-rays at your dental visit?  Not anymore.  Now from the comfort of you chair, a small sensor can be placed to create the perfect image of your teeth directly to your doctor’s computer.  At Life Smiles, a Plymouth, MN dentist office, this means that Dr. Geisler has the ability to see the photos immediately on the computer screen and to be able to share them with you.

Another leap forward is that the photos can be easily store so that each patient can see the progression of their oral health over time.  Along with this the ability to zoom in on each picture can help to really focus on areas that may not have been easily spotted before.

Be sure to share any trouble areas on your next visit and we can zoom in on your oral health!

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