The medication that can be given at the end of a dental visit to reverse the numbness is called Oraverse.  It is very beneficial for so many reasons, the exact reasons people don’t like the anesthetic, rubbery feeling.

Here is a list of reasons you may like to try the reversing medication:

  • You would like to eat soon after your appointment
  • Your child (age 6 or older) had numbness for their bottom teeth, children are very likely to bite their lip
  • You don’t like to drool
  • You like to smile straight
  • You like to speak clearly
  • You lose motor function of a facial nerve with local anesthetic
  • You have dental work in two or more areas, allows you to feel like you can swallow normally
  • You have a hard time having your bite adjusted, losing the numb feeling helps you check your bite checked.

The fee is $25 per cartridge given, and typically one cartridge is given for each cartridge of local anesthetic given in a certain area.  Oraverse acts as a vasodialator, which increases blood flow.  An increase in blood flow allows the local anethetic to be metabolized more quickly.  Some medical conditions can limit who can receive this medication.   It is given as an injection in an already numb area at the end of the visit.

Ask about Oraverse at your next visit with Life Smiles, a family friendly dental practice in Plymouth, MN.


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