Healthy Kid-Friendly Foods, Plymouth Dentist

Many parents dislike giving their kids snacks between meals. Oftentimes, the child will request something on the “forbidden” list in the eyes of their parents. Parents are worried about the harmful effects to their children’s teeth and rightly so. If kids are given a snack that is healthy it can actually benefit their teeth.

Now most children are not thrilled with a seemingly healthy snack. Of course, they would rather have something that is sweet, which is not unusual. There are great snacks though that children will love and that will not make parents cringe.

Here are some great snacks, as suggested by your local Plymouth, MN dentistry for kids that will make them smile:

Fruit: Fresh fruit does contain sugar, but it is also packed with vitamins that kids need. It will satisfy their sweet tooth, but it is still good for them as opposed to cookies or candy. You need to be sure that the fruit is fresh and not out of can. Canned fruit has much more sugar in it, as well as preservatives. Kids tend to gravitate towards oranges, watermelon, and pears most often. Fruit is a raw food and massages the gums of the mouth, which help to keep teeth clean. Encouraging children to eat other fruits as well will benefit them immensely. Apples are a wonderful food for everyone. A little peanut butter spread on a cut apple is quite appetizing.

Yogurt: There is such a wide variety of yogurt on the store shelves that it would be difficult to find something that kids do not like. They have yogurt in lots of flavors and character themes that kids will want. There are yogurts that come with sweet toppings, such as chocolate chips. There are even portable yogurts out there that can be taken along on outings and sucked out of a tube. No fuss, no muss. Kids find this fun, by the way. Try to choose a yogurt with low sugar content, if possible. Yogurt is loaded with calcium, which is great for kids’ bones. Kids who have an increased dairy intake are also known to have fewer cavities. It’s a win-win situation!

Nuts: Nuts are tasty, nuts are low in sugar and nuts encourage chewing, which is great exercise for the mouth. Nuts contain magnesium, calcium and phosphate, which are all good for the body. When buying nuts be sure that they are raw. Raw nuts will increase saliva production. This will reduce acid, which is very damaging to the enamel of teeth.

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