Holiday Grind Causing You to Grind?

Plymouth, MN Dentist Teeth Grinding

Give Up The Grind!

The holidays are fun, but let’s face it, they are also a lot of work.  Some times squeezing everything we would like to get done seems almost impossible.  This extra effort to we put in to make this a special time can also be causing added stress.  Stress can cause a variety of issues one of them is teeth grinding.

It is estimated that up to 95% of people grind their teeth at some time.  Bruxism, tooth grinding, can be caused by stress.  It can also cause problems in your relationship if it is keeping the other person up at night.

If you are waking up with a stiff jaw or painful jaw muscles you may be clenching your teeth while you are sleeping.  Most people cleanch or grind their teeth in their sleep and this habit can increase with during stressful periods.  Not only does it cause aching muscles, but you could be damaging dental work and your teeth.

There are simple ways to help with Bruxism including wearing a bite splint.  Medication may be an option. The best way is to help eliminate stress.

So this year remember that half the fun is in the preparation!  If you are experiencing any problems with Bruxism please let us, at Life Smiles dentistry in Plymouth, MN, know at your next appointment and we would be happy to talk more with you about it.

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