How much radiation am I getting?

Plymouth, MN Dentist X-Rays

Dental Radiation from X-rays

Dental radiographs (X-rays) are a useful and necessary technology to educate your dental professional on your oral health that cannot be viewed clinically (visually).  We examine the films for evidence of decay, periodontal disease, infected teeth and other pathologies.  The frequency and type of films needed is up to your dentist, with your approval of course.  No two people are alike, so films are recommended on an individual basis.

Radiation exposure is typically measured in units called millirem (mrem).  The average person receives about 620 mrem of radiation, a year, from natural and manmade sources combined.

Here is an example of different types of radiation and the amounts they give out:

0.1   mrem from a single digital x-ray

5 mrem from a round trip, coast to coast, plane ride

35 mrem from sunlight and other cosmic radiation for 1 year

40 mrem food and water for 1 year due to radioactive trace elements

228 mrem breathing normally for 1 year due to the radon in the air

1,000 mrem for a full body CT scan

10,000 mrem when the first clinical signs of radiation injury appear.

Radiation is cumulative; however, with digital dental radiographs (X-rays), the dose is minimal. When Dr. Geisler prescribes dental X-rays for accurate assessment and diagnosis, you can feel relieved and assured that you are in a safe range of exposure.


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