Top 5 Things to Look For In a Dentist- Must Read

Choosing a Dentist in Plymouth, MN

How did you last choose your dentist?   Was it your childhood dentist that your mom brought you to?  Or the one that had a great online deal when you checked your deals of the day email?  If you are looking for a new dentist, here is a suggested five top things to look for in a dentist in your decision making process.

1.  Education

Your next dentist should be actively learning and improving in all aspects of dentistry.  Ask on the phone what recent continuing education the dentist has been studying.

2.  Do they like seeing children?

If you are scheduling your family, this is a key question.  If they recommend bringing your children in at age three or later, keep looking for a practice that agrees with the Academy of Pediatric Dentists and AMP, that a first dental visit should be 6 months after the first baby tooth arrives or by age one, whichever is sooner.

3. How does the phone get answered?

A friendly voice when you are greeted by phone can tell you a lot of the atmosphere of the practice you are considering.  Positive work environments are the best place to have dental treatment.

4. Do they have current technology?

New technology is coming in everyday for dentists.  Start with asking about some basics such as digital radiography, intra-oral photography, and computerized anesthesia.

5. Have you been given a personal recommendation, or read at least 10 reviews from more than one review site?   Great online reviews cannot be made up or deleted, get a feel from other people who have written reviews.


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