What should I do when I have a toothache?

Whenever we have discomfort in our mouths, we want to find a way to resolve it as soon as possible.  It can seem like it comes on either gradually or suddenly, depending on the health of your teeth.  It is very important not to ignore an issue like this and “hope that it gets better”, or take some ibuprofen/ acetaminophen and just avoid chewing on that side of your mouth.

Dental science has taught us that teeth do not tend to repair themselves, especially when there is an infection at the ‘root’ of the problem. If a tooth is throbbing, keeping you awake at night, giving you a “zing” when you eat hot or cold food, and/or is sensitive to biting pressure, it is best to see your dentist who can evaluate the tooth or teeth in the area and discover how best to alleviate your discomfort and plan for what treatment may be needed.

If you have been experiencing tooth pain, contact us at Life Smiles, a Plymouth, MN dental practice.


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