End of year benefits, what does that mean?

Insurance Benefits Plymouth MN Dentist

Dental insurance plans have an annual benefit maximum.  This means they will only pay out up to a certain dollar amount each year.  Often that amount is $1000, $1500 or $2000.  Most dental insurance plans follow a calendar year. Even if you need more dentistry done, once a maximum is met, no more benefits are paid.  It is the opposite of medical insurance which requires you to hit a deductible prior to any benefits starting. Each employer that offers a dental benefit, makes a custom plan with the insurance company.   For example, Delta plans are not the same.  There are thousands of variations of coverage even within Delta of Minnesota.  The best way to find out your remaining benefits is to call the phone number on the back of your insurance card and a representative can give you that information.  The patient coordinators at Life Smiles Family Dentistry in Plymouth, MN can assist you as well. Wise people use all the insurance benefit available to them by the end of the plan year, if they need treatment.

If you haven’t been seen for your dental check-up, or if you have unfinished treatment, give our Plymouth, MN dental clinic a call so we can reserve a time for you.  Once we have gathered your information, we will call your insurance company as a courtesy and get a very detailed list of the details of your plan.  We will know if insurance covers your films (x-rays), exam and cleaning at 100%.  In addition, the specifics of how your plan treats any other treatment, such as crowns and fillings are documented.  We never promise that insurance will pay exactly as we estimate for your treatment plan after an exam, but we really try hard so there are few surprises.  The specifics of how dental insurance works is difficult to understand, so please ask if you have questions.  We would like to be your advocate to receive the health care you need.


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