How well are your kids brushing their teeth?

Getting Your Kids to Brush Properly at your local Plymouth, MN Dentist

Dental plaque is a yellowish biofilm that builds up on the teeth. Biofilms contain communities of disease-causing bacteria and their uncontrolled accumulation has been associated with cavities and gum disease (both gingivitis and periodontitis).  Here at Life Smiles, a family friendly dentistry in Plymouth, MN, we take education to the next level with our 2-tone disclosing solution which works safely and dramatically.  It works by attaching to the plaque on your teeth and coloring the plaque either pink for newer plaque or purple for older plaque. This helps us to identify areas that are being continually missed.  This is mostly used to help kids realize just how much plaque is on their teeth.  Do you want to check up on your kids’ brushing at home? Ask us for some chewable disclosing tabs to take home!

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