Latest Dental Technology, 3D x-rays at Life Smiles

Advanced Technology Plymouth, MN Dentist

Having the most up to date technology is important when assessing your oral health. Life Smiles has a new CBCT, or cone beam computed tomography, which allows Dr. Geisler to view the jaws, teeth, airway and surrounding structures with greater accuracy. With a more precise view, a diagnosis and plan can be created with greater confidence than with 2D imaging alone. Examples of clinical benefits are providing a 3D map of where to place implants, to see if a tooth needs a root canal, to check for a tumor in the jaw and to assess the TMJs. A cracked root can now often be determined at our office, instead of referring to an endodontist to have a consult of whether a tooth is savable, or not. Dentists also use the technology to learn the exact position of nerves in the lower jaw to avoid nerve damage with wisdom teeth are needed to be removed. Dr. Geisler always wants the lowest dose of radiation possible for her patients, therefore has invested in the lowest dose CBCT on the market.



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