Local Delivery of Antibiotics

Antibiotics at Local Plymouth, MN Dentist Office

Bacteria is the cause of your gum disease and antibiotics can help us fight the bacteria.  Scaling and root planing removes a great deal of bacteria that cause periodontal infection.  But sometimes, this procedure can’t reach all of the bacteria that hide in the bottom of periodontal pockets.  That’s why we may decide to add a locally administered antibiotic  such as brand named ARESTIN or ATRIDOX to your infected pockets.

How does it work?

Arestin contains “microsphere” (tiny bead-like particles) that are smaller than a grain of sand and are not visible to the eye.  The microspheres are filled with the antibiotic, minocycline, and they release the drug over time into the infected periodontal pocket, killing bacteria that live there for up to 21 days.  We typically use Arestin in cases where 1-4 areas in your mouth need treated.

Atridox is an antibiotic (doxycycline) gel that is placed gently into your gum pockets where bacteria thrive.  It then quickly solidifies to a wax-like substance, slowly releasing the antibiotic to the infected area for 21 days.  We use Atridox in cases when many areas in your mouth need treatment.


In clinical studies, these antibiotics have been proven to be more effective than doing SRP alone. Life Smiles, a local dentist in Plymouth, MN, believes in partnering with you and using the best techniques and technologies to help you maintain a beautiful smile for life.

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