My favorite part of my day

Plymouth, MN Dentist

People often ask me why I choose to become a dentist.  Let me tell you my story.  I was always interested in science, and biology seemed the only major that I wanted to study.   But, I didn’t know what to do with my degree.  I thought I might follow in my older sister’s footsteps and go on to get a graduate degree in a biology related field.  After my second year at NDSU, I worked in a cell biology lab to gain experience.  It was there I met a master’s student, who after finishing his degree, was going on to dental school in Nebraska.  He was describing all the great things the profession offered, and it sounded really good.  In that lab, I also learned that lab work was not my best fit for a career. Isolating mitochondria out of bean sprouts didn’t give me a instant gratification, and most of all I couldn’t really see any of it with my own eyes.  The rewards in research are very late after all the work put in.   On a humorous note, I found that test tubes and pipettes don’t talk back when you talk to them.  Lab work can be (but isn’t always) a lonely place to work for an extrovert like myself.  I did gain a huge appreciation for the research scientists who discover how nature works and how to help people and the planet because of it. What an amazing world, and what amazingly intelligent people surround us!  So why this long story to answer the question “What is your favorite part of your day?”  I have two!  One that you could guess from the story above, is that I can make an amazing difference in a person’s oral health in just one visit.  I relieve pain and I create beautiful smiles!  The “Thank You!” and “Wow” from my patients would be enough to keep me going day after day and year after year.  The second favorite part of my day is doing new patient comprehensive exams.   It’s not glamorous, but it makes me very happy, without fail.   The process of meeting a person, who is often afraid of dentists, and one hour later hearing that their visit at Life Smiles dentistry in Plymouth, MN helped relieve their fears, is very rewarding.  During the exam itself, showing close-up photos of teeth on the TV is super fun!  Even if there is no fear to alleviate, so many new patients to Life Smiles tell me that they had the most thorough dental exam that they ever had.  People like to be informed of the conditions of their teeth and gums, possible solutions, preventative measures, and their next step.  So if you are my next new patient, please know that your first visit at Life Smiles Family Dentistry is the favorite part of my day!


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