Single Visit Crowns at Life Smiles

Have your crown completed in one visit!

New technology at Life Smiles has allowed us to make your porcelain crown in just one visit.  No one will miss their temporary crown as they wait for the final one to be fabricated.  Our digital technology uses 3-D scanning and milling to create a strong and beautiful restoration.  Dr. Geisler is the first in the Midwest to have the newest mill, which can work with different types of materials to fit nearly every scenario. First the tooth or teeth are scanned, then a design is created that is custom to your mouth, and a crown is milled (or cut) out of a solid block of porcelain.  It is then fired in a 3000 degree oven to strengthen the material and have a beautiful shine.  It cools quickly and can be then bonded to your tooth or teeth, giving you a beautiful smile!

The photo shows a close-up of the crown glowing once sintered.  It takes about five minutes to cool so that we can handle it.

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