Snoring in babies and children

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To be honest, this from the journal, Sleep Medicine should be very scary for parents of snoring babies.  Reduced cognitive skills in infants who snore, really?  Many come to me with concerns of a tongue tie, and after discussion, I learn their baby snores.  Because they don’t know better, some parents have told me it is “cute.”   I would tell them it is absolutely a huge problem.  Snoring means not enough oxygen is getting to their brains!  Children don’t grow out of their airway problems, they get worse.  Always, children who don’t breathe well during the day and night are not healthy.  Many people come to me concerned with a breastfeeding or latching problem and are surprised  that there is more to a tongue tie than just breastfeeding.   Tongue ties cause a restricted growth of the upper jaw and lower jaw.  The tongue itself becomes an obstruction to the flow of air along with the pushed back position of the soft palate against the back and sides of their throat.  We also talk to parents of 1 year olds and up about sleep and breathing tendencies, because we want all our kids to grow to their full potential.

This second study has limitations, but should really urge us to get the the bottom of snoring in children.  Snoring is not normal and is not healthy in children.  Why is the child snoring? Where is the obstruction?  When are they snoring?  How does this effect their learning and growth?  I am trained in how to ask the right questions and evaluate your child with fresh eyes. My practice offers the use of a CPC (cardiopulmonary coupling unit) to monitor sleep quality for kids as young as 6 months old up to adult.   This small device is worn for 2 nights and gives so much information of the quality of breathing and sleeping at night.   Our goal is to help these kids not become the generation of adults who sleep horribly and are on sleep meds, anti-anxiety meds and thyroid meds and eventually are diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  How you breathe is very easy for me to see upon an examination.   How well we breathe directly relates to our health (oral included).  Ask me more about evaluating your child’s or your breathing and sleeping.

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