After opening my practice from scratch 7 years ago, it has been one of my babies.  I never anticipated being a dentist who treats newborns, it’s been a journey since I graduated in 2002.  The path started a long time ago when I was trained using a WaterLase as an associate at another practice.  Looking back at 2009 when my first daughter was born, we spent more than our fair share of appointments with a pediatric ENT doctor.  Jump to five years later when my second child was born with a restricted lingual frenulum. “Hard to do” doesn’t begin to describe what it was like to release my own child.  But I did it, and cried with happy tears after, since it improved our nursing dramatically.  Jump forward almost 3 years when I started opening my mind to the idea that I could be the provider for people with tethered oral tissues for others.  What a journey I have been on, a very exciting journey at that.   Well, my baby (practice) has just had a new development!   I am super happy to announce that I remodeled my office to open a infant frenectomy specialized room.  It’s the perfect space for examining and treating the young ones.  Afterward, mom and dad can privately take their time feeding and soothing their little child without being rushed.   In addition, it is allowing us to accommodate more patients every week.   An investment in the part of my practice that has become a passion for me, well worth it!


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