TV for kids in Plymouth, MN

childrens dentist plymouth mn

You don’t have to be a Spongebob fan

At Life Smiles dentistry in Plymouth, Minnesota, we want our patients to have a comfortable dental visit. We often hear that our patients have fun coming to our practice. Yes, really!  Maybe it’s our personalities, but our flat-screen TV’s above each chair also help.  The TV’s can be positioned so you can see them when you are sitting upright, or reclining all the way back.  We give you control of the remote, so the channel and volume is comfortable for you.  You may love cartoons, Food Network, the news, sports or HGTV, you are in control.   As a family dentist, we know that kids love TV.  Sometimes kids don’t want to get up out of the chair at the end of the visit.  Moms and Dads love that their kids are happy at Life Smiles.  Regardless of your age, we always give you the choice if you want to watch TV.


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