Do you have stained teeth?

Teeth Whitening Services from Plymouth, MN Dentist

The Prophy-Jet is a high-tech alternative to the “polishing” dentists have been using for years. Traditional polishing relies on a rotating rubber cup containing abrasive paste to clean your teeth; whereas, the Prophy-Jet sprays high-pressured water to blast away soft deposits such as dental plaque. Baking soda acts as a pumice to scour off extrinsic tooth stains caused by foods, drinks and smoking.

Here at Life Smiles, a local dentistry in Plymouth, MN, we will determine whether the traditional polishing will be sufficient for your stains or if we will use the Prophy-Jet, as it tends to be more effective with heavier stains, orthodontics and post scaling and root planning procedures. Plus, some patients prefer the Prophy-Jet as they don’t experience the gritty aftertaste from the prophy paste that can sometimes activate a person’s gag reflex.


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