Teenager won’t brush?

Dentist in Plymouth, MN Teenager

To be fair, it’s not just male teenagers that neglect their oral hygiene.   Parents say to me, “Please talk to John (or Mary) about the importance of brushing his (her) teeth.  He (She) won’t listen to me.”  Frustrated is the way I would describe the Plymouth, MN parents who ask for our help.  We recommend scheduling their cleaning appointment, driving them to the office, and staying in the reception area as a best practice for parents of teenagers.   Teens don’t want their parent in the room and it gives us a chance to connect with them.   When we learn what makes them “tick” we are more likely to be able to help them.   And because they are minors, we need to you be present in the office for their visit.  Many times using an intra-oral camera to show someone what their teeth and gums look like is all they need.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Motivation to change comes from emotion, and visuals are a key to evoking emotions.



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