Teeth Whitening Available in Plymouth, MN

Teeth Whitening has become a very popular option for patients.  Life Smiles dentistry in Plymouth, MN offers teeth whitening advice, in office, and at home kits.  Several options are available for people to choose from.  Among the most popular are the Whitening Toothpastes that are sold in most stores.  If you are looking for a good one they key is to check the ingredients and look for the changes in your dental appearance.  Some products are more abrasive, but may not be needed.  If you have any questions it is always best to consult your dentist.  Dr. Geisler is happy to help.

Another option and also popular are at-home bleaching kits.  Mouth trays are made in one office visit and Dr. Geisler will provide a whitening suitable to your needs.   Some of these are worn overnight, and others are for an hour.

Bonding is a composite resin that is molded to the patient’s teeth changing the color and reshaping them.  Often this method is more expensive and can chip as time passes.

Our final option is veneers which can be expensive yet have a long lasting effect on the color and shape of teeth.  Basically these are a shell-like facing that can be bonded to teeth.

Teeth can become stained from tobacco, wine, tea, or coffee.  If you are looking for whitening options please call Life Smiles today for a consultation on which option would be best for you.

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