Teething Pain in Plymouth, MN

Teething Pain Plymouth MN Dentist

Although it can be hard not to compare, we must remember all babies are created differently. One aspect about those adorable little babies that is pretty similar across the board though is that, simply put, teething is no fun.

All babies begin teething at different ages. One tell-all sign that your baby may be teething is that they are drooling more – for some, a lot more. This tends to be the at the very beginning stages of teething, where there is a good chance baby does not quite know what is going on and has not begun to experience any teething pain.

If you do not see a tooth but start to notice a change in your babies behavior – more irritable, not sleeping as well, not eating as well, slight fever – have no fear – it will get better! But for the interim, there are things you can do to try help ease the pain: Avoid pain relieving medications on the gum tissues. This has not been FDA approved and there may be dangerous side effects. Since there is a good chance your baby is already trying to get anything and everything into their mouth, try chew toys that you are able to put in the freezer or refrigerator. Try to avoid any teething toys with gel or liquid in it – if it punctures you don’t want your baby ingesting that.

Massaging your baby’s gum tissues with your finger, a soft cold cloth, or giving them a cold (soft) spoon to chew on can also help alleviate any teething pain. If your baby has started eating solid foods feeding them cold, chilled foods like applesauce or yogurt can also help. For some babies, nursing more frequently also helps.

When your baby is not happy and in pain we as parents will do all we can to take the pain away and make things better as fast as we can. All babies get teeth, some have an easier time than others. While there is no right or wrong way to help your baby through this phase, the best we can do is love them and let them gnaw away at anything and everything that feels good to them and that is safe.


If you have more questions regarding your teething baby, ask at your next appointment with Life Smiles family dentistry in Plymouth, MN.

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