The decision to start my own practice in Plymouth, MN

Plymouth, MN Dentist Dr. Geisler


I was busily employed at a larger private practice in Maple Grove when I decided to start my own dental practice in Plymouth, MN.  It took well over a year in the planning, preparation and building phase from conception to open doors. I chose to start a practice from scratch rather than look into buying an existing practice because I wanted to do things right from the start. Often times, a new dentist owner has a lot to “fix” when she buys out a retiring dentist. It may be old technology, or just different philosophies of practice. The downside of starting scratch, is the need to be patient. Very patient. Did I say that I had to be patient? My team and I have worked really hard for what we have. I feel like I’ve put in place a great practice philosophy, treated my team right, invested in technology that makes a difference for patients and developed relationships with the people who walk through the doors. So today I stand here after being open for 3 and a half years, appreciating all that I have.

Thanks to everyone who has cheered me on along the way,

Dr. Krista Geisler


Plymouth, MN Dentist Dr. Geisler


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