Keeping Account of Your Teeth in Plymouth, MN!

As parents we have many milestones to track in our children’s lives. So many books tell us where our children should be and at what age. “Children should walk by 15 months of age.” “Following 2 part instructions should happen by age 4.” “No bottle after 1 year.” The list goes on.  Dental progression is one we cannot control with good parenting. Besides forming good hygiene habits, teeth will come in when they choose, and where they choose.

This chart above gives an approximate time-frame for permanent teeth. It is a guide for parents to use to see where your child falls. Although nature has the power, knowing what stage your child is at and how quickly or slowly the new teeth are coming in can also help identify issues. A baby tooth falling out not followed by an adult tooth, an adult coming in before the baby tooth falls out, or a lone baby tooth when all those around it have gone may all be signs.

At Life Smiles dentistry in Plymouth, MN, we are here to help you keep track. Visiting the dentist every 6 months for regular cleanings and x-rays helps parents and children form a relationship with their dentist and promotes a partnership for healthy teeth no matter what stage they are at.

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