Dentistry in Plymouth, MN is Improving

Remember going to the dentist when you were younger, and having your mouth stuffed full of trays containing either a gel or foam fluoride?  Well good news, the way fluoride is applied has changed and you may still benefit from a fluoride treatment!  Many people are unaware that fluoride has benefits for people of all ages and is an affordable way to prevent more costly dental procedures. Fluoride treatments are used on adults to help prevent cavities, arrest existing weak areas, keep decay-causing bacteria at bay while restorative treatment is being performed and also help with sensitivity.  Here at Life Smiles, a family friendly dentistry in Plymouth, MN, we evaluate each individual person to diagnose their risk factor for decay.  From that, we determine whether a fluoride treatment is needed.  Risk factors include having a history of cavities, drinking and snacking on drinks and foods that contain sugar, drinking water without fluoride, having a dry mouth, having weak enamel, not brushing or flossing regularly, not seeing your dentist regularly, having gum recession and wearing braces.  Whew, there are a lot of risk factors for decay!


After your dental cleaning, we apply a thin layer of Fluoride Varnish on your teeth and give you post-op instructions, i.e. do not brush or floss, avoid anything hard, crunchy, sticky or liquid hot for 4 to 6 hours.  The fluoride will soak into your teeth and it slowly releases over the next 3 months.  If we determine that a fluoride treatment would benefit you, don’t miss out on an opportunity to prevent disease.  Getting fluoride treatments are much easier than they were in the past.


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