What exactly is a Dental Assistant?

Plymouth, MN Dental Assistant

As a Dental Assistant, I can tell you this shirt is actually funny, and quite fitting, for what we do.  Sometimes I feel like I am standing on my head just to get visual access to the tooth the dentist is working on!  We typically use every single finger on both hands, so it is a bummer when we injure a digit…but we push through and move on.  It is hard to say if we have a single “number one” focus, because all of our many tasks are important.  The obvious part of our job is in our job title, we assist the dentist AND the patient.  “Assist” is such a general word that covers so much, such as preparing for our day, knowing the procedures, anticipating all possible needs of the dentist during a patient’s treatment, takingnecessary radiographs and impressions, passing instruments, lab work, maintenance on equipment and dental units, ordering and stocking supplies-just to name a few!

Our patients are so important to our success.  We truly want to help each and every one of them by addressing their needs and wants, explaining, teaching, and making them feel comfortable so they can actually enjoy their dental visit.  Your Dental Assistant is your hostess, taking care of your needs.  In this way, your dentist can concentrate on using her skill and judgment on the tasks that only she can do.

So, we are not “just” a Dental Assistant (that sucks up patient spit), we ARE Dental Assistants that help make the Life Smiles dental team in Plymouth, MN run smoothly and efficiently!


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