What is Myofunctional Therapy?

Myofunctional Therapy Plymouth MN Dentist

As essential as finding a trained and experienced tongue tie release provider, is the therapy that precedes and follows a release. The goal of a tongue tie release, or a frenuloplasty, is improved function. People often loose sight of the goal and want to speed the process by coming in to have a consult and a release the same day. Others want to skip the therapy because of the time and cost involved. Myofunctional therapy is a lay term commonly used for the this therapy. The goals of the therapy are nasal breathing, lips resting together, tongue postured at the palate and correct swallowing. No two people are alike, so there is no recipe book to follow for each person. Some therapists come from speech language therapist education, others through dental hygiene, and less commonly have physical therapy and dental degrees. More and more virtual therapy visits happening with your therapist helping you through a screen. This means is not the right path for everyone, but unfortunately, there is a shortage of therapists for the demand of their skills and time. Through experience, education, and agreement with experts in the field, myself and other professionals have learned that orofacial myofunctional therapy usually takes a few months prior to a release and at least a few months after the release for an optimal result. The therapist is the key to determining the correct timing of a release. Preparation for the release also includes educating the patient in what to expect from the release and how to stretch afterward. A great site to visit is https://aomtinfo.org/myofunctional-therapy/ to learn more.

Dr. Geisler prefers to see a new patient who is interested in a tongue tie release to have already been working with a therapist. A report from the therapist is requested before the initial visit. The therapist and Dr. Geisler work together to plan a release, to best help the person get optimal results.

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