I Have a Cracked Tooth!

Cracked Tooth Plymouth, MN Dentist

Do you have a large mercury, silver, metal, or amalgam filling? Those words are used interchangeably to describe an older style of filling. Larger fillings weaken teeth and often lead to cracks. What should you do if you suspect a crack in your tooth? Don’t chew on it and visit your dentist to have it examined. Often, the tooth can be repaired and function returned with the placement of a porcelain onlay or full coverage porcelain crown. We take photos of your teeth to show you any cracks next to an old filling. Our goal is to fix the problem before there is pain and also to prevent loss of the tooth. A cracked tooth can be an emergency, so treating it before it falls apart or hurts is in your best interest. Unfortunately, a crack in a tooth can not be fixed always, and removal is the only option. Dr. Geisler will discuss your options after an exam and a film.



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