Why Has My Dentist Recommended a Night Guard?

Mouth Guard Plymouth, MN Dentist

Perhaps your dentist has seen signs of wear or cracked teeth in your mouth. You may not think you grind your teeth and you don’t think there is a problem. Often, a person is unaware of slow destruction of their teeth. A night guard, also known as an occlusal or bite splint is helpful to prevent further wear of your teeth. Sometimes we use nightguards to help with muscle or TMJ pain and to prevent headaches. We also sometimes use a night guard to improve your airway for better breathing while asleep. There are hundreds of styles of splints, and the right type is determined by your dentist. Some splints are made for your upper teeth, some on your lower teeth, and sometimes on both upper and lower arches. Sometimes people have tried one type of splint in the past and just couldn’t wear it. Because there are so many solutions, another type may feel very comfortable to you.



Why Are My Teeth Wearing Down?

Have you noticed see-through spots on the edges of your front teeth? You may have notice your front teeth chipping and flattening. What is going on? Watch this short video to learn more and schedule an appointment with your dentist for an exam.



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